Cyclocross Tshirt Colabo with Chris McNally

Chris and I have been talking about these shirts for years. We finally made them and now I'm looking forward to seeing a few out there in the world. Psyched for the Cyclocross season! AVAILABLE directly from The Athletic webshop:::::::::::::::: ((((HERE))).
Vernor X McNally Ts-3
Vernor X McNally Ts-1
Vernor X McNally Ts-5
Vernor X McNally Ts-2


The Office

Getting after it:
the office
Shot by Ryan T., on location last week.


Japanese Ships

Japanese Ships
I spent 5 years as a "Jr. Lifeguard" on the beaches of Santa Cruz. I've always respected the pressure and risk that surf lifeguards accept and embrace. On my recent trip to Japan, I was on the Izu Peninsula and saw these lifeguards bathed in a heroic light and pulled out the Nikon 35ti for a quick shot. As a Californian/West coaster I rarely see the the afternoon light on the backs of beach goers and so this simple scene seemed additionally special to me.


The Kraken!

The recent typhoon in Japan coincided with my trip to the Izu Peninsula...and some strange sea creatures showed up.
Japan Summer 2014


Oh Yeah Cyclocross is the Season

Ten years ago I finished my first film:

And making this one started a very deep relationship with Japan:


Artist Residence: Kim Miskowicz

So exciting to see an artist working hands-on with film. Kim's paintings have really flowered, for me, in the last couple years, but I knew her work with film first. She's got her head down focussing on work for a show in September. I hope to have a follow up when the show opens.
Filmmaker-Painter Kim Miskowicz


Fuji san

Pretty good feeling this morning on Mt. Fuji.
Looking off Fuji san